All-New Nissan Sports Cars in 2024: A Quintet of Japanese Precision and Power

Nissan of today is not particularly famous for participating in racing competitions, let alone winning them. But we assure you, just like any other Japanese automaker they know their way around high-performance automobiles. Beyond 2024 the Nismo team is expected to release multiple new models that will boost Datsun’s street cred within the sports car community. And as always, the viewers of #AutomotiveTerritoryDailyNews will be the first to learn about this Quintet of blade sharp racers!

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#1 2024 Nissan Z Nismo

We were all aware that the next generation 2024 Nissan Z Nismo, would eventually receive the Nismo treatment. This time, the designers emphasized the similarity with the Fairlady 240ZG even more and integrated aerodynamic innovations previously tested on the Nissan Z GT500 race car.

#2 2024 Nissan GT-R NISMO Special Edition

A model can undoubtedly achieve iconic status in the automotive world when it remains unchanged for a remarkable 15 years in production. While 2024 doesn’t bring any groundbreaking alterations to the beloved Godzilla, the R35 generation of the GT-R is set to reach even greater levels of performance excellence.

#3 2024 Nissan Skyline Nismo

2024 Nissan Skyline Nismo is a 1000-unit special edition of the 4-door, that will be limited to the Japanese market.

#4 Nissan Hyper Force

We anticipate that Nissan won’t risk discontinuing their most iconic name, and instead, the traditional internal combustion engine will be replaced with a fully electric configuration. The potential replacement is being investigated through the introduction of the Hyper Force, which was unveiled as part of Nissan’s five-vehicle concept lineup at the recent Tokyo Auto Show.

#5 Nissan Concept 20-23

Nissan Concept 20-23 celebrates 20 years of the brand’s London-based Nissan Design Europe studio and visualizes a new generation electric city hot hatch.

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