Big $$$ In Battery Storage; EVs Are Tool & Die Bonanza – Autoline Daily 3659

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0:00 On-Shoring Synthetic Graphite for U.S. Battery Production
1:27 Converting Wood Waste into Graphite
2:12 Big $$$ In Battery Storage
4:16 EVs Are Tool & Die Bonanza
5:10 American & Chinese OEMs Rated Best at Writing Software
5:55 Big $$$ In Recycling EV Batteries
6:52 U.S. Gas Stations Closing Fast
7:48 ADAS Could Save 250,000 Lives Over 30 Years

Story Links:
On-shoring Synthetic Graphite:

Turning Wood Waste Into Graphite:

Big $$$ In Battery Storage:

AAH w/ Our Next Energy:

Battery Show Playlist:

EVs Tool & Die Bonanza:

Who’s Best At Writing Software:

Big $$$ In Battery Recycling:

U.S. Gas Stations Closing Fast:

ADAS Could Save Thousands of Lives:

Read the transcript here:


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