Bosch Making Fuel Cells for Nikola; NHTSA Wants to Speed Up AV Deployment – Autoline Daily 3604

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0:00 New VW CEO Getting His Team in Place
0:45 VW Buying Into Electricity Stock Market Program
1:34 Kia Invests to Build EV9 in the U.S.
2:01 BMW Expects to Triple 1st Half U.S. EV Sales
2:52 NIO Running Into More Problems
4:01 Ford’s EV Goals Ahead of Demand
5:06 Bosch Making Fuel Cells for Nikola
5:52 NHTSA Wants to Speed Up AV Deployment
6:53 Tesla Wants to Make 500K EVs in India

Story Links:
New VW Executives:

VW EV Charging Marketplace:

Kia To Build EV9 in U.S.:

BMW To Triple U.S. EV Sales:

More Nio Problems:

Ford EV Inventory Growing:

Bosch Invests in Hydrogen Fuel Cells:

NHTSA AV Proposal:

Tesla India Factory:

Read the transcript here:


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