Cheapest Japanese Cars in 2023: All-NEW Suzuki Models ft. Maruti

If you are looking for the most affordable Japanese cars, then Suzuki is ready to cater to your needs! Furthermore, even cheaper models can be found in India at the subsidiary Maruti-Suzuki plants. In 2023 it is no longer fair to call their designs overly boring and their value for the money remains extremely high. In today’s episode of #AutomotiveTerritoryDailyNews, we would like to re-evaluate the latest newcomers from the Suzuki conglomerate,
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#1 2023 Suzuki Jimny 5-Door

This funky body on frame SUV continues carrying forward the strong legacy of over 50 years of global success. Since 2023 Suzuki Jimny it will be available for the first time in a 5-door version – a comfortable daily driver, without losing the ability to conquer the most treacherous terrains.

#2 2023 Suzuki S-Cross

After losing the SX4 moniker from its name, the 2023 Suzuki S-Cross is becoming a solely hybrid vehicle with a perfect balance between dynamic sports style and absolute comfort for the city. The soft-roader gets far more assertive styling.

#3 2023 Suzuki Fronx

2023 Suzuki Fronx is the brand’s all new model, developed by the Indian Maruti Suzuki. It belongs to the subcompact class, sits below the Brezza, and shared underpinnings with the Baleno hatchback.

#4 2023 Suzuki Baleno

2023 Suzuki Baleno gets no changes and belongs to the 2nd generation of the model, launched last year. It continued making its way across all major Suzuki markets.

#5 2023 Suzuki XL6

2023 Suzuki XL6 arrives with a facelift and a mild hybrid drivetrain, based on 1.5L 4-cyllinder with 105 horses.

#6 2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara

2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara returns as a new generation model, built in cooperation with Toyota. It will get 2 drivetrain options: mild and true hybrid.

#7 2023 Suzuki eVX

2023 Suzuki eVX is a concept electric crossover that should make it to production sometime in 2025.

#8 2023 Suzuki Brezza

The next generation of Brezza further distances itself from the Vitara and therefore drops this part of the moniker. This budget-friendly crossover is still a little shy of four meters in length, yet Maruti Suzuki promises comfortable seating for 5 adult passengers.

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