Chrysler Is Making A Comeback: Halcyon Is An All-New Electric Grand Tourer

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2028 Chrysler Halcyon:

Once renowned for its luxury sedans, Chrysler is contemplating a return to its roots with the introduction of the innovative Halcyon concept. This concept represents the brand’s forward-looking vision for a forthcoming model that will run on a fully electric system. Drawing inspiration from European designs, particularly the Porsche Taycan, the car boasts a strikingly sleek profile, featuring a tinted glass canopy, distinctive flip-up roof panels, and rear hinged doors. The Halcyon is envisioned to be propelled by an electric setup utilizing an 800-volt lithium-sulfur battery. This advanced battery technology is poised to revolutionize charging speeds, promising an astonishing rate of 40 miles per minute, while also boasting a 60% reduction in carbon footprint compared to conventional lithium-ion units.

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