Cybertruck Hits 2 Million Reservations; Ford, GM Lay Off UAW Workers – Autoline Daily 3650

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0:00 Ford, GM Lay Off UAW Workers
1:27 Fitch Says D3 Have Liquidity to Ride Out Long Strike
2:14 GM Compensation for UAW Workers
4:12 NIO Opens 1,800th Swap Station & Launches New EC6
5:52 Tesla Installed 50,000th Supercharger
6:11 Tesla Cybertruck Hits 2 Million Reservations
6:51 Chevy Equinox EV To Launch Soon in China
7:31 GM Halts Electric Van Production Until Next Spring
8:04 Lambo & Ducati Demonstrate V2V Technology
8:49 Mercedes Museum Helps Color Blind People View Exhibits

Story Links:
– GM & Ford Lay Off UAW Workers:

– UAW & Detroit 3 Have War Chests of Money:

– NIO’s 1,800th Swap Station:

– NIO EC6:

– Tesla 50,000th Supercharger:

– Cybertruck Tops 2 Million Reservations:–6OR9ECwSwZdkOtWkuslJVCyAAfQv1eJal1fdngfsk/edit#gid=982860347

– China Reveals Equinox EV:

– GM Stopping BrighDrop Van Production:

– Lambo & Ducati Test Vehicle to Motorcycle Communication:

– Mercedes Helps Color Blind People:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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