EU Unions Target Tesla; NIO Sets Sights On U.S. Market – Autoline Daily 3685

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0:00 EU Unions Target Tesla
1:25 Reports: Tesla to Make €25,000 In Berlin
1:48 OEM’s Could Target Tool & Die Suppliers to Cut Costs
2:48 Dealers Don’t Trust Ford, Love Toyota 
4:17 Jeeps Go to Brampton, Dodge Muscle Cars to Windsor
4:53 NIO Targets 2025 For U.S. Market
5:34 GM to Export Lux SUVs To China
6:09 Ford to Build Bronco in China
6:49 Toyota Pushes AVs In U.S., Japan…
7:24 …And in China
7:52 Volvo EX-30 Is A Dream to Drive

Story Links:
– EU Unions Target Tesla:

– Telsa to Make $25K Model in Berlin:

– OEMs Could Target Tool & Die Makers to Cut Costs:

– Dealer Trust Ford the Least:

– Jeep Compass Going to Brampton, Dodge Muscle Cars to Windsor:

– NIO Targets U.S. Debut:

– GM Importing Luxury SUVs to China:

– Ford to Build Bronco in China:

– Toyota Developing AVs in Japan:

– Toyota Developing AVs in China:

– To read the transcript from today’s show click here:


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