GM Rushing to Make PHEV Pickups; Rivian Could Run Out of $ In 2 Years – Autoline Daily 3753

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0:00 Auto CEO’s Not Ready to Throw the Book at China
1:14 Mercedes Just Keeps Its Head Above Water
1:57 Mercedes is Cutting EV Targets & Updating ICEs
2:36 Rivian Could Run Out of Cash in 2 Years
3:32 Lucid Needs 5X Sales to Break Even
4:42 GM Rushing to Make PHEV Pickups
6:31 Ram 1500 Drops V8, Adds Automated Driving
9:40 Lotus Going Public Through a SPAC

Story Links:
Auto CEO’s Not On Board With China Tariffs:

Mercedes 2023 Earnings:

Mercedes Rolls Back EV Plans:

Rivian 2023 Earnings:

Lucid 2023 Earnings:

GM Developing PHEV Pickups:

BrightDrop Resuming Production:

Lotus SPAC Merger:

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