NEW Sportscars and SUV by BMW in 2025: Models with Electric Powertrains

We often hear that a true BMW should have an inline six engine and that all of this modern electric mumbo jumbo is a no go. However, for those of you who are ready to accept the EV nature of new beemers, we have collected a lineup of the freshest models with electric hearts coming out in 2024 and beyond. German precision, instant acceleration and unorthodox looks of these newcomers are worthy of your attention!
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#1 2025 BMW i5:

The eighth generation of the BMW 5 series brings a completely redesigned body, featuring an optional illuminated grille, larger dimensions overall, and the introduction of the first-ever all-electric powertrain labeled the BMW i5 sedan.

#2 BMW Vision Neue Klasse X:

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X previews a next generation, electric BMW iX3 that should debut in 2025 and should even make it to the US shores.

#3 2025 BMW iX2:

In the first generation of the X2, the most electrified option was a plug-in hybrid. However, the V2 takes it a step further by embracing a full electric upgrade. This newcomer enters the compact SUV segment with a seven-inch increase in length, along with a wider track and taller profile, giving it a more distinctive coupe-style silhouette.

#4 2025 BMW i5 Touring:

The initial station wagon iteration of the 5 Series debuted as far back as 1991. Now in its sixth generation, this iconic model remains true to its legacy of blending comfort with sporty handling. Significantly, the latest Touring lineup introduces its inaugural fully electric model to the upper mid-size premium segment.

#5 2024 BMW i7 M70 xDrive:

Even the most prestigious BMW flagship to date hasn’t shied away from the bold M-Division treatment. The i7, resembling a luxurious yacht on wheels, is now infused with elements of aggressive performance and dynamic driving.

#6 BMW Vision Neue Klasse

BMW Vision Neue Klasse is an electric sedan concept, built on the new 800V architecture. We should see the first vehicles based on this technology in 2025.

#7 2025 BMW i4:

As time swiftly passes, BMW’s inaugural electric mid-size sedan is poised for a refresh. Observant eyes will catch sight of slimmer headlights featuring a novel “Welcome Light” animation and a single LED module, alongside a subtly adjusted yet still polarizing vertical kidney grille. Currently, the i4 stands as BMW’s most accessible electric vehicle, available in three configurations.

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