Newest Supercar Racing Models with Carbon Fiber Bodies and Most Powerful Engines in 2024-2025

Today, we’re fulfilling our commitment by unveiling another set of cutting-edge supercars poised to dominate race tracks well into 2024 and beyond! Be sure to catch up on our previous episode via the link in the description, subscribe to our channel, and let’s rev those engines!

2024 BAC Mono:
BAC Mono adopts new bodywork composition, offers upgraded aerodynamics, and weighs 22 pounds less than before.

Rodin Cars FZero:
David Dicker established an automotive startup in New Zealand and named the brand after the renowned French sculptor Auguste Rodin. He has set ambitious goals, insisting that the Rodin FZero racer must surpass the performance of Formula One race cars.

Praga Bohema:
You may not be familiar with Praga, but this Czech car brand has been in operation since 1907 and is now recognized as one of the world’s most successful kart manufacturers. The latest development in their automotive journey is the introduction of the Bohema hypercar, which commenced production in 2024.

Porsche Mission X:
The Mission X, potentially succeeding the 918 Spyder, offers a glimpse into the future direction of Porsche’s e-performance lineup. Porsche claims that if the Mission X enters series production, it will become the fastest road-legal vehicle to navigate the Nürburgring north loop.

Donkervoort F22 Bare Naked:
Dokervoort’s engineering excellence reaches its zenith with the introduction of the brand-new F-22 model, a direct tribute to the world’s most advanced fighter jet used by the American Airforce. Evolving from the D8 GTO, the F-22 is larger in size and places a greater emphasis on heightened comfort, moreover it can be ordered in the third generation Bare naked carbon fiber package.

2024 Nichols N1A:
2024 Nichols N1A is the first car by the boutique car manufacturer Nichols that is led by a renowned McLaren Formula 1 designer Steve Nichols.

Ferrari KC23:
Designed exclusively for a distinguished Ferrari patron, this particular model is constructed using the chassis of the 2016 Ferrari 488, augmented with the GT3 Evo 2020 kit. Sporting a completely revamped front end and adopting butterfly doors reminiscent of the iconic LaFerrari, the KC23 showcases distinctive attributes such as a removable rear wing.

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