Pepsi Loves Tesla Semi; GM Says EVs Don’t Need Fewer Workers – Autoline Daily 3651

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0:00 GM Says EVs Don’t Need Fewer Workers
0:47 Lucid Enters the Price War
1:37 China Made 61% Of Global EVs In H1
2:08 Pepsi’s Experience with Tesla Semi
4:19 Audi, BMW, Mercedes Follow Different EV Strategies 
5:23 Cadillac Celestiq Starts At $340,000
6:07 Opel Develops Anti-Lock Seatbelt
6:39 Japan Moves to De-Risk China Dependence
7:13 Nissan Outearns Toyota In North America

Story Links:
– GM Says EVs Don’t Need Less Workers:

– Lucid Cuts Air Price:

– China Accounts for 61% of Global EV Sales:

– Pepsi’s Experience with Tesla Semi:

– German Luxury Brands Have Different EV Strategies:

– Cadillac Celestiq Starting Price:

– Opel’s New Seat Belt Technology:

– Japan Looks at Getting Into Lithium Production:

– Toyota Earnings:

– Nissan Earnings:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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