U.S. Will Pass 1 Million EV Sales; Ford “Reached Our Limit” with UAW – Autoline Daily 3669

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0:00 Ford Says It Has “Reached Our Limit” In UAW Offer
1:52 Tesla Offers Pay Boost to German Workers
2:40 Ford Increases Wages for Battery Plant Workers
4:06 Kia EV9 Has EPA Estimated 304 Miles of Range
4:48 U.S. On Track to Sell 1 Million EVs This Year
6:04 VW Group Global BEV Sales Up 45%
6:57 GM Making Progress on Software Defined Vehicles
7:35 BMW Signs Big Battery Deal with Great Wall Motor

Story Links:
– Ford Reaches Limit of UAW Contract Offers: https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/uaw-shuts-down-fords-biggest-plant-stellantis-talks-resuming-2023-10-12/

– Tesla Boosting Pay at GigaBerlin: https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/tesla-offer-german-workers-pay-rise-this-year-2023-10-12/

– Ford & SK Increase Pay at Not-Yet-Open Battery Plant: https://www.autonews.com/manufacturing/ford-battery-plant-workers-tenn-ky-get-higher-pay

– Kia EV9 EPA Range Estimates: https://www.kiamedia.com/us/en/media/pressreleases/21339/all-new-2024-ev9-rated-at-an-epa-estimated-304-miles1-of-all-electric-driving-range-in-light-long-ra

– U.S. EV Sales: https://www.coxautoinc.com/market-insights/q3-2023-ev-sales/

– VW Group BEV Sales: https://www.volkswagen-newsroom.com/en/press-releases/volkswagen-group-delivers-45-percent-more-all-electric-vehicles-in-first-9-months-17771

– GM Turns to Software Developer Community: https://pressroom.gm.com/gmbx/us/en/pressroom/home/news.detail.html/Pages/news/us/en/2023/oct/1012-software.html

– BMW Signs Massive Battery Deal: https://electrek.co/2023/10/12/bmw-taps-great-wall-motors-svolt-energy-for-ev-battery-order-worth-13-billion/

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here: https://www.autoline.tv/featured/ad-3669-u-s-on-track-to-sell-1-million-evs-this-year-ford-says-its-reached-our-limit-in-uaw-offer-kia-ev9-epa-estimates-revealed/

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