UAW Says Mercedes Workers Want Union; Apple Kills Its EV Program – Autoline Daily 3757

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0:00 Apple Kills EV Program
0:56 Aston Martin Delays EV
1:41 UAW Says Mercedes Workers Want a Union
2:48 EU OEMs Won’t Challenge ICE Ban
4:01 Honda Unveils FCEV CR-V
5:23 Changan Could Buy HiPhi
6:28 Huawei Claims 1 Km/Second EV Charging
7:16 Musk Says Tesla Roadster Will Launch Next Year
7:47 Nissan Jumps into Robotaxi Business

Story Links:
– Apple Kills Its EV Program:

– Aston Martin Delays Its EV:

– UAW Gets Majority of Mercedes Workers in Alabama to Sign Union Cards:

– EU OEMs Won’t Challenge 2035 ICE Ban:

– Honda CR-V Fuel Cell:

– Changan Could Buy HiPhi:

– Huawei Claims Uber Fast Charging:

– Musk Says Tesla Roadster Launching Next Year:

– Nissan to Launch Robotaxi Service in Japan:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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