Upcoming 8-Seater SUVs for the Extra-Large Families in 2023 (Interior and Exterior)

If your family is the size of a sports team, first of all congrats, and secondly we feel your pain of finding an appropriate vehicle to transport such a large crowd. In this episode we will try to alleviate your struggles by demonstrating a lineup of new 8-seater SUV that have fittingly cavernous cabins and trunks.

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#1 2023 Land Rover Defender 130

Beyond the initially announced two-door Defender 90 and 7-seat Defender 110, Land Rover has recently spawned a third version of the renewed icon with a stretched body. The 2023 Land Rover Defender 130 is family SUV with the same wheelbase of 119 inches, but the overall body length was elongated to 211.

#2 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L & Grand Wagoneer L

2023 Jeep Wagoneer L & Grand Wagoneer L are the stretched versions of the model, that add 12inches in overall length and 17 cu ft of cargo space behind the 3rd row of seats.

#3 2023 Hyundai Palisade

Hyundai’s designers believe that a boxier Palisade will be even more attractive to the young generation of buyers looking for an affordable family 8-seater. Additionally, the 2023 Hyundai Palisade becomes even more technological.

#4 2023 Toyota Sequoia

2023 Toyota Sequoia gets its first, generational overhaul since 2007, moves to body-on-frame GA-F underpinnings, and adopts a hybrid engine as its only drivetrain.

#5 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline

Introduced as a part of a mid-cycle update for the SUV, the 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline is the new off-road ready trim, that seats 8, gets a Hight-output 3.5L V6 Ecoboost, and packs the brand’s latest tech and safety features.

#6 2023 Kia Telluride

The 4th model year brings a mild redesign for the 2023 Kia Telluride that gives it a more attractive look, new tech and 2 extra trim levels. New headlights, some revised paint options and off-road capable X-Line and X-Pro trims.

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