VW Updates Its ICE Platform; Legacy Auto Hurt By New Florida Law – Autoline Daily 3590

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0:00 U.S. Car Market Doing Better Than Expected
0:56 Florida Handcuffs Legacy OEMs To Franchise Dealers
2:05 DLE Is the New Way to Mine Lithium
3:11 Baidu Expands Robotaxis to Shenzhen
4:26 VW Updates MQB, Adds PHEV Range
5:36 VW Using Dry Coating for Electrodes
6:19 AEHRA Reveals Wild EV Sedan Concept
6:50 Tesla Adds Incentives to Model 3 In China 
7:49 Mercedes Makes World First with Chat GPT In Cars
8:45 New Mercedes Concept Inspired by Old C-111 Test Car

Story Links:
– U.S. Market Doing Better Than Expected: https://www.autonews.com/retail/ford-gm-see-strong-us-consumer-demand-vehicles

– Florida Passes Restrictive Car Sales Law: https://www.autonews.com/dealers/direct-consumer-vehicle-sales-banned-exceptions

– New Way of Getting Lithium: https://www.reuters.com/markets/commodities/inside-race-remake-lithium-extraction-ev-batteries-2023-06-16/

– VW Updates MQB: https://www.volkswagen-newsroom.com/en/press-releases/final-set-up-drives-new-tiguan-with-premium-class-technologies-and-a-long-electric-range-17326

– VW Switching to Dry Coating Battery Process: https://www.volkswagen-newsroom.com/en/press-releases/sustainable-and-affordable-batteries-powerco-develops-gamechanger-technology-for-cell-production-17339

– AEHRA Sedan: https://www.aehra.com/the-sedan

– Tesla Adds Incentives to China-Made Model 3: https://autonews.gasgoo.com/new_energy/70023062.html

– Mercedes Adds ChatGPT to Its Cars: https://media.mbusa.com/releases/mercedes-benz-takes-in-car-voice-control-to-a-new-level-with-chatgpt

– Mercedes Vision One-Eleven Concept: https://media.mercedes-benz.com/press-kit/904e4c1f-191e-4d4b-99e2-3a71a3d47aa7/article/7eb4ff8b-7db2-4326-a627-56a978c191b3

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